2016 Palmer Sculpture Biennial – ‘400 parts’

My most ambitious sculpture project ever undertaken is ‘400 parts‘, installed at Greg Johns’ property at Palmer, about 1 hour drive east of Adelaide, for the 2016 Palmer Sculpture Biennial. The work is about Climate Change, my feelings about it, facts about Climate Change, and actual good news about work being done to address and repair Climate Change.

This is my third involvement in the Palmer Sculpture Biennial. Until late December 2015 I worked part-time as Greg’s studio assistant for about 3 and a half years. But that didn’t guarantee my anything with the Biennial!

400 parts close-up
Image: ‘400 parts’ detail

If you are a Climate Change denier you won’t like it.

If you want to read more about it see 400 parts.

The Palmer Sculpture Biennial was opened on March 5th by Tracey Lock, Curator of Australian Paintings and Sculpture, Art Gallery of South Australia. The exhibition is open Wednesdays 2 – 5:30pm and Saturday & Sundays 11am – 6pm until 3 April.

Allow about half a day to see all the works as Greg’s property is 400 acres in area. You are advised to wear bush walking footwear, a hat for shade, take sunscreen and to bring drinking water to carry. During opening hours there are volunteers at the gate and a 4wd will drive people who need a lift up the hill. There is additional water available on site and there is a basic toilet if needed.

Scanty additional details at: Palmer Sculpture Biennial info.

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