My Convergence of Im/probable Im/possibilities

My Convergence of Im/probable Im/possibilities - 2013

A public art concept, shortlisted April 2013

Dimensions: 8 m tall, 15 m wide.

Materials: welded and painted steel, stainless steel cable, concrete, landscaping

What might result from a number of concidences, some improbable, some impossible, some not?

About the 'Personal Transporter'

Imagine an innovative personal transportation system that combines proven technologies of a medieval Trebuchet siege weapon with modern hydraulic power on a lightweight painted steel structure.

The Personal Transporter would efficiently hurl commuters alighting from the bus stop directly to the balcony of their new high-rise apartments built along Adelaide's major transport corridors following the relaxation by the State Government of building height restrictions. A judicial review of personal liability legislation, brought-about by a change in Federal Government, would put the onus of personal responsibility back onto the individual making them responsible for the consequences of their own behavior, risky or not. Adelaide would be selected as the national test site for the Personal Transporter because of the city's compact urban population, and that it is largely invisible to the rest of the world. Businesses often use Adelaide as a national or international test market knowing that if the test or trial fails that it only affects a relatively small population and costs associated with the test or trial are minimal. YOLO.

Computer illustration by Corey Brown, WAX Design