Post pre-processor

Photo: Michal Kluvanek

Post pre-processor - 2011-2012

Dimensions: 2.0 x 0.6 x 0.5 m (HxWxD)

Materials: 75x75x6 MSEA, 90x12 FL, 200x12 FL, 75x150 UB, 100x150x5 RHS, 75x8 FL,20x20x1.6 SHS, 50x15 FL, 16mm threaded rod, 16mm nuts ZP, 10mm shackles, galvanised chain, 100mm fixed and rotating casters, M10x30 machine screws, M10x30 bolts, 16mm galv flat washers, M12x50 ZP bolts and machine screws, M12 ZP nuts, dental dam, 5/8" manila rope, 16mm eye bolts, turnbuckle, 2005 sculpture.

When you think of visual art how does 'time' factor in it? This sculpture has a span of 7 years - from when the painted sculpture was made in 2005, to 2012 when the 'machine' around it was finished, repurposing the original piece. 'When' the 'art' happens has been something for consideration for years. Is the concept the artwork, or the final realisation of it? Here's a hypothetical situation where the outer 'machine' could have made the inner sculpture. But the timing is all wrong.